Early in 2018, I realized I was about to turn 50. To say I reacted strongly would be an understatement. I was in shock. I was devastated. Angry. Scared. Hopeless. I took to my bed. About 6 months later, I forced myself out of bed. I had wasted my adult life hiding in fear. I couldn’t get those years back, but I could try to salvage the years I had left. I challenged myself to do 50 brave things before I turned 51. As I worked through the numbers on my list, I found strength I never knew I possessed. I found the hope that I had lost. I found freedom from my past. I found the will to push past my fear and finally live. This is the story of my year of living dangerously.



martha w southgate

Maeve Southgate is co-founder and brand manager of Southgate Media Group.

She started SMG with her husband, Rob, as a creative outlet for their various interests and backgrounds. She also juggles homeschooling and parenting their 15 year old daughter, Molly.

Maeve is an entrepreneur and passionately studies leadership and business development. She loves supporting and encouraging others by sharing her experiences