I Allowed Myself to Get Paid – Number 23

I have always devalued my worth. I have always given away my gifts and talents and time for free or very low cost. I was taught that you were a better person if you sacrificed. That it was noble to give freely. That there was shame in taking money. I am so glad that this was the moment that I broke through those destructive thoughts. Rob was asked to direct a staged reading of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Now normally I would help him, quietly, without a title or payment, but this time I asked him if I could assistant direct. 

He asked the person in charge and they said that he could hire an assistant director. I told him that I wanted that role and wanted to be paid for it. Once again pulling his jaw up off the floor, he was thrilled and we became an official team on paper. I finally allowed myself to get paid and dealt with the role and responsibilities that went with that role. Slowly but surely I’m healing and growing and becoming. 


Sometimes bravery is seeing your value. 

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