I Dueled – Number 11

Even crazier than putting on a costume and acting was the night they had duels and I went up to the biggest badass warrior and I tapped him on the shoulder and indicated to him that I was challenging him to a duel. I’m dressed in a long skirt, etc. and so not exactly dressed for success. Have I mentioned that I’ve never actually ever dueled before? I took fencing in high school, but high school was a hell of a long time ago and I just stood there waiting for gym class to be over. I have mentioned that I’m not a participator. But I actually dueled. With a sword. In a ridiculous outfit. And I scored points. Against a freaking warrior.

He accidentally hit me and my husband swooped in and threatened him (in character…his character loves me, too). I finished out the duel and was so proud of myself for putting myself out there and trying something scary and choosing the scariest competitor and putting myself in the middle of a circle of players who were chanting my character’s name. I was not invisible anymore and I survived it and it took me to the next level on my quest to become brave.

Sometimes bravery is being in on the action.

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