Volunteered To Get Interviewed On a Podcast About Music That Is Important To Me – Number 20

   Well, this is significant in many ways. First of all, I don’t volunteer to do things. Secondly, it’s personal. Thirdly, I don’t volunteer to do things. The way the show works is that someone picks a song from each decade they were alive in. There are no rules regarding how to pick your songs and no specific criteria…just as long as there’s one from each decade you’ve been alive. I was born in 1968 so I started with a song from the 60’s. I didn’t set out with a theme in mind when I picked my songs, it just sort of happened. The first song was Sweet Thing by Van Morrison. I picked this one because it describes a little bit about how I feel about Rob. My second song was Kooks by David Bowie for the 1970’s. This one was about parenting Molly. Are you starting to see the pattern? The song I chose from the 1980’s was Peter Gabriel’s Don’t Give Up. I chose this song because it encompassed my teenage years and I shared on the podcast how I survived those difficult years. My next song was Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins for the 1990’s. It represents our move to Minneapolis and I describe what was so significant about that time. 

   Next up was the 2000’s and the song Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole by Martha Wainwright. This was about my desire to live in truth and my break from my family of origin. The last song I chose was Brave by Sara Bareilles for the 2010’s. I was knee deep in my list at this point and this song said it all. With list in hand, I skyped with Jesse and Terry. I shared a lot. We went deep.  We laughed, we even cried a little. It was supposed to be an hour…it was not. They had to split mine into two episodes. I’m a podcaster. I like to talk. What can I say? 

Martha Wainwright Quote #1

   It was very healing for me and fun and holy crap people were going to hear this what have I done?! I talked about my list, too. So there’s that. This was the precursor to this project. This was the first time I really talked about my list in detail. I was only on number 20 when I volunteered to be on the podcast and a little further in by the time I guested on it so still very far from having the confidence I have now, but much braver than when I started at number 1. This was me full on. This was me flayed open and honest. This was me learning how to do this. Sometimes bravery is being vulnerable.

If you enjoyed this chapter and want to dig deeper into each story, my husband Rob and I do an exclusive companion podcast on my Patreon page.  We give further background into the story and include the spouse’s perspective.  Each one of these episodes averages 45 minutes to an hour. 
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